Alaska Launches Reading Specialist Endorsement

All students benefit from structured, research-based approaches to learning how to read — so how do we equip teachers with the tools they need to transform reading in Alaska?

The Alaska Department of Education & Early Development (DEED) will welcome its first cohort of educators this fall in Alaska’s first reading specialist endorsement program.

The 27-credit program is designed to help Alaska’s educators implement evidence-based reading practices in their classrooms.

Participants will ground instruction in evidence-based practices, build relationships in the new Alaska Reading Specialists (AKReadS) network, and learn from leading reading researchers nationwide.

This endorsement includes one year of training and two years of service in Alaska. Participants must intend to remain in the Alaska school system through the 2025–26 school year.

All students benefit from literacy instruction grounded in the science of how we learn how to read. Students with disabilities and multilingual learners, who may need additional support to crack the code of written language, especially benefit from structured, explicit approaches.

This endorsement is the result of collaboration between DEED and Region 16 Comprehensive Center. These agencies are dedicated to meeting the promises of Alaska’s Education Challenge by supporting all students to read at grade level by the end of third grade.

The reading specialist endorsement application closes on September 1, 2023. More information is available at


  • The reading specialist endorsement is a 27-credit program.
  • The program focuses on evidence-based approaches to teaching reading.
  • Participants will be part of the Alaska Reading Specialist (AKReadS) network.
  • Participants may receive college credit for program coursework.

Published August 25, 2023

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