Alaska’s Path to Progress

May 25, 2021 | 10–11:15 am AKT


The pandemic has disrupted education, and leaders need time to think and reflect on this year’s schooling experience. During the past 18 months, we’ve endured both positive and negative outcomes without time to catalog and reflect on them. Leaders need time to look at the innovative approaches schools have used to address some of the most pressing issues we’ve faced.

Join this fast-paced 75-minute workshop that will leave you with ideas from other districts and a reflection tool to use with your leadership team. People keep saying “school will never look the same,” but have you named what will be different? Walk away more prepared to make informed decisions about what practices your school or district will sustain moving forward and what practices it is time to sunset.

Learn more about the Path to Progress program on the AKLearns website. The Path to Progress webpage includes summer learning program guidance, resources, and more.

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