First Quarter Recap: Oregon’s State Service Plan

Equity and racial justice are at the center of Region 16 Comprehensive Center’s work in Oregon. Through Oregon’s State Service Plan (SSP), we support two project pillars:

  • Enhancing the Oregon Department of Education’s Office of Indian Education
  • Enhancing the Oregon Department of Education’s Equity & Racial Justice Strategic Plan

Enhancing the Oregon Department of Education Office of Indian Education

During the first quarter of the 2021-22 project year, R16CC worked in partnership with the Oregon Department of Education (ODE), Marzano Research, and Oregon Association of Education Service Districts to begin the process of evaluating the implementation of Oregon’s Tribal History/Shared History initiative across the state. Collectively, we have worked together to provide ODE and the Office of Indian Education (OIE)  what they need to guide their decision-making as the agency weighs how to direct, develop, and target resources and supports to educators and administrators statewide.  Learn more about how we’re evaluating the implementation of Tribal History/Shared History from our partners at Marzano Research.

Enhancing the Oregon Department of Education’s Equity & Racial Justice Strategic Plan

Region 16 has been been asked to support ODE as they begin implementing  their racial equity and anti-racism strategic plan. Region 16 supports various project components that together develop the conditions, resources, and human capacities to execute and sustain the strategic equity and racial justice vision over time.

“R16CC has supported the infusion of equity throughout ODE communications and design so that we can align and inspire groups to communicate in powerful ways about equity,” Deputy Director Carmen Xiomara Urbina said. “ODE’s partnership with R16CC has increased the effectiveness, engagement and reach of our strategies by contributing messaging, trainings and tools towards equity and anti-racism.”

The Racial Equity Toolkit is a key output from this SSP. Developed in partnership with ODE, Coalition of Oregon School Administrators, and consulting partner Jenni Kotting, this invaluable resource has provided educators across Oregon with tools to support their capacity to participate in challenging conversations about racial equity. R16CC also partnered on communications and student engagement surrounding the Every Student Belongs policy.

Published March 3, 2022

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