Meet Amber Schneider

There is always an air of excitement when someone new joins the team. Please welcome Amber Schneider, whose infectious enthusiasm is sure to brighten your day instantly.

She joined the Region 16 Comprehensive Center as one of the two new Operations Project Managers on April 26.

“I’m really passionate about education and the change that it can make in people’s lives.My favorite part [of being at Region 16] has been learning and understanding the impact the organization has in education across three states.”

A native Wisconsinite, Amber completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire and her graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

After college, she started her career in education at 4-H, an extracurricular K–12 organization through the University of Wisconsin Extension office. She switched over to higher education in 2018 when she began working for the University of Idaho.

Region 16’s goals of creating equity and inclusion in education have already profoundly impacted her.

“I came from higher education, so I wasn’t super privy to the cultural pieces of K–12 education. So, coming into this organization and learning how well connected the systems are, and the shared vision and impact that the Region 16 Comprehensive Center has is incredibly inspiring.”

Amber is still learning the ins and outs of her position but is ready to be a key figure in project organization. She hopes that by creating more manageable plans, she can help leverage the work that is already being done in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington into something bigger and bolder.

“I want to help and be a good steward in education. I’m looking forward to helping move state service and regional service plans forward. It gets me really excited.”

Amber Fun Facts

  • Amber is an avid cyclist. In 2017, she biked from Florida to California over a two-and-a-half-month span.
  • She owns a motorcycle as well.
  • Her other hobbies include rollerblading, sewing, cooking, and hiking.

Published May 25, 2021

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