National Comprehensive Center Publishes Circles of Reflection Toolkit

In 2020, our Washington project team was approached by the National Comprehensive Center to participate in a four-state pilot of their newly developed process, Circles of Reflection. In the years since, Region 16 and our partners have built on the feedback from the Circles of Reflection process through consultation and collaboration with Native learners, families, and communities in Washington.

The Circles of Reflection process was developed by experts in Native education to bring together state education agencies, Tribal education leaders, and school administrators. After the conclusion of the pilot, the Native Education Collaborative, supported by the National Comprehensive Center developed Circles of Reflection: A Toolkit for SEAs. 

The toolkit is a self-guided, interactive opportunity for state education agencies (SEAs) to lead with equity and ensure Native students receive important academic and well-being supports. Read more about our participation in the Circles of Reflection pilot in our impact story, and access your interactive copy of Circles of Reflection on the National Comprehensive Center website.

Published September 29, 2023

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