Just Schools Keynote

Wednesday, February 7  |  4:45 – 6:15 pm PT


Join Region 16 Comprehensive Center in welcoming Dr. Ann Ishimaru, author of Just Schools: Building Equitable Collaborations with Families and Communities, for a powerful keynote conversation.

We know that committing to the full six-week book study schedule can be challenging for busy leaders. This year, we’re bringing back our virtual keynote series to make the insight, experience, and wisdom of our book authors and editors available to all!

Students, families, educators, administrators, and community members are all welcome to join. In this interactive keynote, Dr. Ishimaru will share the story behind her book and invite participants to step into a radically different approach to partnering and leading with racially minoritized families and communities. Participants will engage with research and everyday examples to help them reflect on their own contexts and practices and to move from systems-centered agendas towards more just and transformative visions of education and wellbeing.

Dr. Ann Ishimaru’s (Japanese American) scholarship focuses on the intersection of leadership, school-community relationships, and educational equity in P-12 systems. Her work centers on improving educational leadership, both within formal systems and within families and communities, to create equitable environments, with a particular focus on students, families, and communities who have been historically marginalized in education.

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