Alaska’s Empowerment Playbook

A hands-on guide for successful school improvement

The Need

Improvement without empowerment isn’t enough. 

The typical urban-centric, one-size-fits-all approach to school improvement does not recognize or honor the assets and challenges unique to rural schools and communities. Continuous improvement must be a collaborative effort between the school and the community.

Deficit models for continuous improvement drive a wedge between school leaders, staff, students, families, and communities, and when communities are left disempowered by the process, improvement efforts often fail. Schools and districts in Alaska need school improvement resources tailored to their unique educational ecosystem. 

The Resource

Alaska’s four-module Empowerment Playbook provides districts with the tools they need to implement an asset-based, relationship-driven school improvement model. The playbook reviews school improvement research, provides actionable steps for schools and districts, offers tools, and creates space for reflection. 

This resource was developed through collaboration between the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development, Academic Development Institute, Region 16 Comprehensive Center, and SERRC.  

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