Champions of literacy

A resource guide for Alaska school board members

The Need

School boards make decisions that impact how reading is taught in their districts — but not every school board member is an expert in evidence-based literacy instruction. 

Most resources on the Science of Reading focus on providing support to classroom educators. School leadership is the second-most influential school-level factor on student outcomes, and school leaders need high-quality, evidence-based resources to support strategic decision-making. State law, curricula, and statewide requirements have changed significantly over the past decade, and leaders need something to help guide them through the latest in reading. 

The Resource

Champions of Literacy is a 14-page printable or digitally downloadable guide designed for Alaska school board members. This guide recognizes school board members as Champions of Literacy in their local education ecosystem and provides them with the tools to plan strategically, analyze school and district data, understand key approaches, and deepen their committment to evidence-based reading instruction. 

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