The Oregon Student Success Plans: Creating the Conditions for Students to Thrive

Helping students navigate and transform the maze of education

The Need

The Student Success Plans are one component of the Oregon Department of Education’s enduring focus on centering equity and closing opportunity gaps, known as the Equity Strategic Plan. 

When we look at how different student groups across the country are affected by opportunity gaps, Oregon generally follows the observed national trends. Historically marginalized student groups experience higher rates of disciplinary actions such as suspension and expulsion, and thus lower attendance and graduation rates.

Educational leaders in Oregon have observed that, in many ways, the education system is built like a maze, leading to wrong turns where students can get lost. Region 16 has provided research, outreach, and professional development services to help the Oregon Department of Education implement six community-specific Student Success Plans (SSPs). Guided by key communities, the SSPs act as a map to help students navigate their way to the center of educational spaces.

The Resource

This project brief maps out how the Oregon Department of Education, with support from Region 16, conceived, developed, and implemented the six Student Success Plans, co-developed in collaboration with the communities surrounding six student focal groups:

  • Black/African American students
  • American Indian/Alaska Native students
  • Latino/a/x students
  • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander students
  • LGBTQ2SIA+ students
  • Immigrant and refugee students

Thanks to the guidance of key communities, each plan is tailored to the assets, aspirations, and needs of student focal groups. By transforming the maze of education, these plans forge navigational pathways for students often left behind by the system by creating an environment where many different visions of success can co-exist.

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