Region 16 Launches Finder for Indigenous Resources in Education

Find programs and resources designed to support Native student academic, cultural, and social-emotional wellbeing with PNW FIRE.

Region 16 Comprehensive Center has launched the new Pacific Northwest Finder for Indigenous Resources in Education (PNW FIRE) database. The database provides a single access point to resources and programs serving Native students across Washington state.

The database currently includes more than 50 resources. Users can sort resources by type, audience, location, and grade level to quickly navigate to the supports they need.

PNW FIRE is a user-driven database. Users are encouraged to add resources and programs from their communities, Tribes, or agencies that serve Native students.

“As Native peoples, we have always valued learning and teaching for young people and adults. Since time immemorial we have developed expertise and systems of learning,” said Anthony Craig, Washington Tribal Advisory to Region 16 Comprehensive Center member. “This website aims to recenter tribal knowledges and approaches in education and contribute to our long-standing practices of sharing ideas and lifeways across our communities and territories.”

PNW FIRE was developed with input and support from the Region 16 Washington Tribal Advisory Board, the Office of Native Education at the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, student and family focus groups, and the organizations and agencies that offer programs and resources for Native students.

Visit the database at

Fast Facts

  • The PNW FIRE database includes resources and programs that support Native student wellbeing in Washington state.
  • The database will continue to grow through user submissions.
  • The PNW FIRE logo was designed by Charles Strom, Jr. (Quinault).

Published November 13, 2023

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