Oregon Projects

Get to know our Oregon projects.

Our Oregon team helps the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) enhance their Equity Strategic Plan and Office of Indian Education (OIE). In both projects, we assist teams across the agency as they expand initiatives and build relationships with local education agencies, Tribes and Tribal education agencies, education service districts, community-based organizations, and the Governor’s Office.

The Need

Equity continues to be the primary focus in Oregon’s education system. Implementation of ODE’s multi-year Equity and Racial Justice Strategic Plan continues, but recent standardized test scores show persistent opportunity gaps for Oregon’s most marginalized communities. Districts and educators statewide need support to accelerate student learning, provide a rigorous and culturally responsive curriculum, and create safe and welcoming schools where all students belong.

OIE has expanded significantly over the past five years to close opportunity gaps and foster Native student success. Challenges include:

  •  Incomplete or inaccurate curricula
  • Mixed implementation statewide of Tribal History/Shared History, Oregon’s K–12 Native American Curriculum
  • Outdated resources and tools for Tribal consultation

Our Approach

We work closely with OIE staff and partners on both projects to create an equitable education system that supports every student in Oregon schools and districts. We provide technical assistance through:

  • Facilitation
  • Coaching
  • Content expertise
  • Critical problem-solving
  • Consultation
  • Professional learning
  • Project management
  • Evaluation
  • Research synthesis
  • Tool and resource development
  • Relationship brokering
  • Event planning