Regional Project

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Our Regional Team helps build capacity regionwide through projects tailored to the unique needs of our three states. We develop initiatives, programming, and products that strengthen regional relationships and promote shared stewardship. 

As a consortium of 29 educational service agencies (ESAs) across three states, we have a unique opportunity to connect and coalesce regional educational priorities. Transformational change is possible when ESAs come together.

The Need

Students, educators, families, and communities regionwide continue to feel the impacts of COVID-19. The pandemic widened existing opportunity gaps for students who have been marginalized by dysfunctional education systems for generations. 

Our Approach

Shared stewardship and continuous communications form the foundation of our regional project. Our programming is guided by the priorities set by our Advisory Board Program. These priorities include:

  • Thinking systematically
  • Centering families, students, and communities
  • Learning across educational landscapes using principles of co-design
  • Convening and gathering in the spirit of partnership and network development

In response to these priorities, Region 16 provides intensive capacity-building services tailored to meet the needs of the unique contexts of our region’s:

  • State education agencies
  • Tribal education agencies
  • Educational service agencies
  • Local education agencies
  • Schools

We use an evidence-based communities of action model to amplify collective impact, shared stewardship, and sustainability capacity.

All projects are supported by a holistic approach to continuous communications across and within our three states. Our team centers their work on systems, branding, storytelling, and building relationships to amplify impact and ensure that Region 16 remains a cohesive and collaborative network for shared learning.

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